Law & Disorder | June 20, 2018

Law & Disorder on June 20, 2018

Here is a link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  • Question: What would happen if you had a slip and fall in your own lobby?
  • Answer: Normally, the insurance policies would take care of these incidents. First thing you should do is seek medical help and contact an attorney.
  • Question: I was supposed to get my wedding pictures back four weeks ago. I cannot get a hold of the photographer. What steps should I take to get the pictures back?
  • Answer: Verify on the status and legitimacy of the company prior to making any agreements. Review your contract thoroughly and make sure you own your pictures, including digital ones. Contact the individual or company and let them know that you spoke with a lawyer and you are giving them an opportunity to respond back otherwise you will have to file a lawsuit in small claims court.
  • Question: If I fell at work, but in the parking lot, is it still considered work?
  • Answer: It depends on many variables such as if this occurred during work hours, during lunch or upon arrival, etc. Normally, you would sue the building. It could be a worker’s compensation however, we need to obtain more details. Feel free to give us a call.  
  • Question: Do I need an attorney to remove a protection order against me?
  • Answer: Sometimes the injunction will have an end date. If it is a permanent injunction you may need an attorney to set a hearing date to have the judge review the case.
  • Question: How long does it take to go on trial? My wife is in a lawsuit since January 2012. She was a passenger in a car accident with permanent back damage and other issues.
  • Answer: Sometimes treatment does take time however, 6 years is a considerable amount of time. Give us a call so we can review your case.  

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