Law & Disorder | 5/30/18

Law & Disorder on May 30, 2018

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  • Question: If I am behind on child support, does putting more money in by submitting it through the FL Dept. of State website, does it go towards the back payment?
  • Answer: Yes. Normally it counts toward back payment.
  • Question: My new neighbors are cutting down trees that were on our property but thought it was on theirs. What can I do?
  • Answer: Yes, he could be responsible for replacing the trees. The damages are lower if the trees were simply cut back.
  • Question: Can your job fire you for taking off time for rehab if it’s a drug-free workplace?
  • Answer: The American Civil Disability Act allows you to take time off for rehab. You should ask for permission and if they don’t allow you to take the time off, they may get penalized, but it must be under that act.
  • Question: What is the burden of proof of intent for the state for an injunction violation?
  • Answer: Basically, it’s known or should have known. For example, if you were not aware the person was working at a place then you should be fine.
  • Question: Does Florida right to work supersede the American Civil Disability Act?
  • Answer: No. Federal law trumps state law every time. State law can enhance but they cannot take away what federal law grants you.
  • Question: I was in a wreck and now have a pinched nerve in my neck and lots of pain. Somebody took the case and I haven’t heard much from them.
  • Answer: Get a second opinion or get another lawyer. You deserve to be represented properly.
  • Question: Will I need a lawyer to get my bipolar brother to take his meds? He will not take them.
  • Answer: You need to get a lawyer, go to court and get them under somebody’s care because they may be a danger to themselves or others.

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