Law & Disorder | 6/6/18

Law & Disorder on June 6, 2018

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  • Question: A used car lot is responding to negative Google reviews by publicly stating that a customer’s credit worthiness, repos, and late payments not all statements are true. Is this legal and what can be done?

Answer: It is libel because it was in writing. If the statements are untrue, you can file suit, but in this situation, you must show damages.

  • Question: I was fired from a job 4 years ago because I caught my boss cutting 1 to 2 hours off the daily time work. I have all my cards proving this. When I brought this forward, I was fired. Total owed was around $2,000. Can I still take them to small claims court?

Answer: Florida is a right to work state and unless you were fired as a member of a protected class, you might not have a case. Unfortunately, this incident doesn’t seem to fall under this situation.

  • Question: They do have the validated time cards that show the hours they worked, and the boss still shorted them. Isn’t that illegal?

Answer: Yes. Contact small claims court.

  • Question: Is it worth to take it to small claims court?
  • Answer: Yes, the amount is around $2,000.  Employers should not treat anyone like this.
  • Question: I was instructed to fire an employee due to performance. Then she said I was sexually harassing her. Upon investigation, it was discovered that she lied. Nothing happened to her and I still must supervise her. What can be done?

Answer: The only way to do something about this situation is to gather detailed documentation.

  • Question: My girlfriend was injured in an accident after swerving to miss a deer. She hit a tree and the airbags didn’t deploy. Shortly after, the car company sent out a recall. Does she have a case?

Answer: Yes. This might be a products and liability case. Also, consider obtaining an Uninsured Motorist insurance as it will provide additional coverage for your injuries. You can contact us or another lawyer to assist you.

  • Question:  My grandmother passed away. The non-biological grandfather swindled her out of life insurance because it was cash value. He stole 10K plus, and now we have no money to give her a proper burial. What can be done?

Answer: He may have rights to the money because he was the husband. It will require investigation. Contact the facility where your grandmother is currently resting. Let them know you don’t have the money and they will walk you through the process and provide options. It is very important to have a Will. We offer this free service on our website at Take advantage of this opportunity to make sure your loved ones are not left with financial difficulties during an already difficult time.  

  • Question: If a relative of yours dies and no one has the money for the burial. Who will then handle the burial?

Answer: The state might be responsible. 

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