Law and Disorder | 4/25/18

Law & Disorder on April 25th, 2018

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  • I had a slip and fall at a major grocery store, I called an attorney who took the case. It’s been 8 months and I have not heard back from them. My injuries are coming, 3 impacted discs in my neck. Do you think I am entitled to compensation? Also, can I change attorneys?
  • There are very few reasons while at this stage of your case that you have had no communications with your attorney for eight months. If this is something you can’t handle anymore, then you should seek new representation.
  • If I fired my previous lawyer because he sat on my case and literally did nothing but continuances for 6 months. Is there a way that I can get some of my money back without going to the small claims court? From the attorney.
  • File suit against an attorney can be expensive and time consuming. The Florida Bar does have a fee dispute division you can try to work your issue through.
  • A jewelry store lost my wedding ring, what are my rights? They say they are only responsible for what I paid but the ring is worth at least triple that amount now.
  • While you need to look at any agreement you signed, normally they would be responsible for the loss they caused. Depending on the amount if it’s low, it might be more cost effective to file in small claims court.
  • If my girlfriend and I own a home and I put all the money down out of my pocket, is she liable for half of the profits if we break up and sell the house As Is?
  • In this domestic issue, I would try to suggest working it among yourself but you could absolutely try to go through and attorney and the court system to work this out. Normally profit is apportioned based on costs and expenses.
  • Do grandparents have any legal remedy for grandchild visitation?
  • In Florida currently, grandparents have minimal rights depending on the harm to the grandchild and the parents rights to choose how they want to raise their children. Very rarely baring something unusual, can a parent be forced to have their children visit with the grandparent.
  • Can I do something about a guy at work who took out his penis and wiggled it at me? I discussed the incident with my boss who said it was a “he said, she said” situation and did nothing about it.
  • Yes. Call 911. A crime was committed. Any employer who treats this as a casual employee issue is clearly ill prepared to run a business and opens up their company to serious litigation.
  • Can you sue someone for defamation of character for writing a false or bad review online about your business?
  • Liable is defamatory comments written and published while slander is spoken and heard. In this situation if the comments are not true, you do have a claim but you have to decide how much time and finances you want to put into this.

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