Law & Disorder | 5/2/18

Law & Disorder on May 2, 2018

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  • I was in an accident in Massachusetts last year and have a lawyer up there. Drunk driver hit me, and I have neural injuries, losing hearing in right ear which was determined is a direct result of the airbag, multiple other injuries. Can you give me an estimate what an accident like this where someone has brain and hearing injuries, may be worth?
  • What it is worth and what they have insurance for are two separate things. With these significant injuries you can have a couple of hundred thousand of damages. Massachusetts also has much better insurance and will be taken care of well.
  • Do you have to surrender your concealed weapons permit if you hold a medical marijuana card?
  • Yes. The law states that you are not allowed to carry a weapon if you have a marijuana card.
  • Is there any way to get Chapter 7 if you make 11K more than the medium salary? I feel like my lawyer is trying to railroad me to a Chapter 13.
  • The lawyer does not really make much more in these types of cases. There are some exceptions but that’s kind of tough. Contact another bankruptcy attorney and get a second opinion.
  • My sister was recently hit by a car while at work. It backed up and pinned her leg between the bumpers. No police or ambulance were called, but she did go to the hospital that day. The car that hit her left without giving her any information. Shouldn’t both her job and the person that struck her be held liable?
  • For example, if it was her job that involved driving on the road, then yes, the company she works for may be held accountable. The driver that hit her is liable and may be easily tracked down. Hire a lawyer.

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