Law and Disorder | 2/13/19

Law & Disorder on February 13, 2019

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1.Question: I was involved in a bicycle wreck where I hit a homeowners’ branch that was hanging over the sidewalk. It caused me to flip over, crack my head open and I was airlifted to the area hospital. I still have issues such as tinnitus, memory loss, and headaches. This occurred a little over two years ago. Is it too late or do I have any recourse?

Answer: You are within the statute of limitations. Homeowners have a duty to maintain their property and if they chose to neglect maintenance and it causes an individual injury then yes, you might have a suit. Contact a lawyer.

2.Question: After the last hurricane I was close lined by a cable cord on a back of a motorcycle. The insurance company says I can still open a claim. Am ‘I able to do anything about it?

Answer: Yes, you may be able to open a claim. It is their responsibility and they have a time period to have the issues fixed.

3.Question: My husbands’ job sent him his W2 and I know it’s incorrect because it said he only put $18.00 into the Federal and he claimed zero each year.

Answer: He would have to contact the employer and have the W2 corrected. The employer would have to alter it with IRS as well.

4.Question: Is it legal for a company to take money out of your paycheck with something called “Miscellaneous Expenses” without giving an explanation?

Answer: You would need to contact them and find out what it is first. As it may be for something that you did not authorize.

5.Question: I have two sisters, my parents passed away and now my sisters want to sell my parents house. I have not been there since I got married. They say they’re not going to give me my share because they said I have not put a dime towards the house. I also live in Florida and the house is in Puerto Rico. What can I do?

Answer: You may have rights, but they can still ask you to provide a contribution out of your share if they made repairs to the house for example.

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