Law and Disorder | 12/12/18

Law & Disorder on December 12, 2018

Here is the link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  • Question: If I’m getting divorced am I liable for the credit cards in my spouses’ name and vice versa?
  • Answer: If the creditors can show you comingled money maybe but normally, your debt is your debt. In the final stages of the divorce they sometimes do an Affidavit of Debt where each side puts down what they owe, and the judge can make that determination. However, the judges cannot stop the credit card companies from coming after you personally.
  • Question: What if I have a roommate that is on the lease but doesn’t pay rent, does drugs in the house and illegal activities.
  • Answer: You may need to speak to your landlord and ask to be removed off the lease and move out. Calling the police if illegal activities are happening.
  • Question: I own my own business and contract someone for services. I fill out a 1099 and they don’t file their W9. Can I be held liable?
  • Answer: Not normally. Your job is to provide them with their documentation and it is their responsibility to take care of their taxes.
  • Question: A little over a month ago my dad got in a head on collision on his motorcyclist. He is still in pain. Hired a lawyer but has not heard from his lawyer in 17 days. Can he hire a new lawyer?
  • Answer: Yes, you can hire another attorney. Contact our office and we can point you in the right direction.

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