Law and Disorder 9/5/18

Law & Disorder on September 5, 2018

Here is the link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  • Question: I got in a motorcycle accident last year. The other drivers’ hit me and had no insurance and a suspended license. I did not have insurance on the bike, anything I can do because I had a broken leg?
  • Answer: You could sue the person, but it will be difficult to collect is he has no insurance. Florida is a debtor protection state, it may be difficult to get money directly in this situation.
  • Question: A landlord used the lease from a previous tenant, scratched the names out, and wrote in my name. There were also a bunch of incorrect information in the lease like a dog list, and I don’t own a dog.
  • Answer: If you signed the contract there is not much that can be done. As far as the invalid data, that may be corrected. It is very important to read any contract in its entirety and sign only, if the contract states exactly what you are agreeing to commit to. 
  • Question: Do you do disability law and if so, does that include the VA?
  • Answer: Contact me and I will point you in the right direction.
  • Question: If I had a slip and fall in a building where my employer is a tenant, who would be at fault?
  • Answer: In a situation like this, you would have to show that they were at fault and had a duty to protect you.  If you were hurt by someone else’s actions, contact us.
  • Question: With Cannabis being decriminalized will you get charged with possession of prescriptions drugs if it’s prescribed pot?
  • Answer: Currently it’s cannabis oil. You could get a fine or get arrested, be aware of that and act accordingly.
  • Question: I was in a car accident in April and the gentleman was going at a high rate of speed. I have back issues and may need possible surgery. I am being told by my attorney that I would have to use my health insurance. What do I do?
  • Answer: I wouldn’t use the health insurance unless you have exhausted all your remedies. Give us a call and we’ll work that out with you.
  • Question: A hospital crushed my mother’s nerve in her back. They deleted her records but had copies. Lawyers won’t take case because jury won’t understand. What are your thoughts?
  • Answer: The lawyer may have thought that he/she could not win the case. Give us a call and we will evaluate your case.

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