Law and Disorder | 10/31/18

Law & Disorder on October 31, 2018

Here is the link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  • Question: My daughter is on ADHD medications and ran out of them. The pharmacy said they would have some in two days, but it took two weeks. In the meantime, she developed OCD symptoms that have not gone away now that she’s back on her medications. Can we pursue legal action?
  • Answer: In Florida there’s a term called Contributory negligence which means that fault can be split between parties. After two days, you had a choice of having your doctor transfer the prescription(s) to another pharmacy. You may pursue legal action, but it will be difficult because you did have other options available.
  • Question: My wife was in a car wreck and our attorney suggested that we settle. We ended up receiving $12,000 after medical bills and attorney fees. My wife has a herniated disc that cannot be fixed, and it is getting worse every day. Can we go back to court for more compensation?
  • Answer: Unfortunately, no. When you settle with a specific party the case is over. With any legal documentation you should be thorough and cautious, because you may not get a second chance.
  • Question: My mother in law was involved in an accident. It was a car versus pedestrian. She hit a drunk guy crossing the street. A cop witnessed the accident, they investigated and cleared her of all wrong doing. Now both the parents of the individual that was drunk and died are trying to sue. What are my options or rights?
  • Answer: Anytime you are being sued, the insurance company will hire their own attorneys and they will make all the decisions. However, you do need to find out that should it go over the policy  limits, will you be held responsible to pay for the excess.
  • Question: I am a pool tech and I went to a customer’s house yesterday to clean their pool. Lady was home, opened the door and her dog came flying out and bit me in the crotch. I have a puncture wound. Do I have a case?
  • Answer: The owner may be held responsible. If someone has a dog and it bites people, they need to make sure their insurance covers incidents like this.
  • Question: I am a truck driver and my truck had a double blow out. The truck rolled over and the maintenance crew was aware that the tire company had not come out for an inspection for several months. They were also using out of date tires. I suffered a concussion and I am still getting headaches and ringing problems. Do I have a suit?
  • Answer: The company is responsible for maintaining their vehicles and if you get hurt due to their mistakes the company can be held liable. Contact a lawyer or give us a call.

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