Law and Disorder | 9/26/18

Law & Disorder on September 26, 2018

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  • Question: In 2016 I had a back infusion and got an infection from the surgery. In 2017, I had part of the rods removed and it is still infected in 2018. Is the hospital responsible?
  • Answer: Before you can file you will need to have a doctor testify that this was in fact medical malpractice. There is a 2-year statute of limitations.
  • Question: Somebody backed into me while parked in a driveway. I was told if I turned it in, it would be against my insurance not theirs since it’s a right to work state.
  • Answer: Right to work state has nothing to do with a car accident. If you were working at the time, it might be considered workers’ comp. Always ask an attorney first in situations like this.
  • Question: I was in an accident and my attorney settled with their insurance company but never went after mine. Since then I’ve had two back surgeries, can I still go after my insurance company?
  • Answer: It depends on what type of insurance you have. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you might be able to. Uninsured motorist only kicks in if you get the full policy limits on the other person. If you did not obtain the full amount, then you can’t go after your uninsured motorist.
  • Question: I had a medical episode while driving and wrecked car into a burned down house. Now the homeowner made a claim and my insurance is saying that my 10/20/10 is not enough to cover it. Only damage done was to some siding and a small hole in the block. The house had a caved in roof and burned down for years, what should I do?
  • Answer: Let the attorneys on your insurance side handle it. Very rarely will they go after you after they received what your insurance offers.  
  • Question: How long can a creditor come after you when they have a judgement? They have frozen my account with no notice and I am the only one that works in my family. Can they do this?
  • Answer: Normally, the bank must provide notice before freezing an account.
  • Question: How long after the fact can you sue for medical malpractice? 
  • Answer: Normally, it is two years.  
  • Question: I had a workers comp. claim a couple of years ago and settled but I believe my back is getting worse. Is there anything I can do?
  • Answer: Unfortunately, once a person settles a case it is normally over. You can try to use your own insurance.

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