Law & Disorder | April 4, 2018

WJRR “Law & Disorder” on April 4, 2018

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  • A man slipped and fell at a theme park injuring his back. He has had several injections with no relief. Somehow other lawyers are saying he does not have a case. The area was not marked for being “slippery when wet” or anything like that. Do you think he has a case?

Answer: They might be, but there are issues like how long did the condition exist and whether they should have known there might be a problem and whether the condition was open and obvious  the person who was hurt.

  • A woman was rear ended, and the other person did not have insurance. Can the woman go after the previous insurance company for not reporting policy cancellation to the state?

Answer: You most likely will have no recourse and this is a reminder for everyone t pay the extra money for Uninsured/Underinsured Car Insurance. You do not want to be in this situation.

  • If a previous homeowner had work done and a building inspector signed off on it, even though it wasn’t up to code, can anyone be sued?

Answer: You might be able to go after the inspector and possibly the person who inspected the house before the sale if you can prove they were negligent/responsible for the mistake or lack of discovery of the mistake.

  • Regarding the above question, what if someone got their fuse box replaced and updated. The techs complete the job, the inspector gets the permits signed off. Turns out that it wasn’t up to code. The owner of the house even informed them that it wasn’t up to code and the house burns down. What can be done?

Answer: Same as the answer before. If you can show they failed in their duty to inspect and/or the person who did the actual work was negligent in his work you may be able to go after them for your damages.

  • My ex will not let me talk to my kids and only allows me to take one on Saturdays. Can you recommend a family law attorney?

Answer: Yes. I have a bunch once family attorneys I can send you to.

  • A man worked for a theme park for 5 years where they required a certain pair of work shoes to be worn. The shoes caused severe sores on his foot which never healed because he was diabetic. Five years later, he is having to have his leg amputated above the knee due to the sores the shoes caused. Does he have a case?

Answer: You might be past what they call the statue of limitations meaning you waited to long and the law will not hold them responsible because you waited to long. Please call me an we can look into it.

  • If you are rear ended and injured driving a company vehicle on the way to work, is this a workers’ comp case?
  • Answer: That depends if it was a company vehicle and if you were on the clock or it was part of your responsibilities. You still might have a claim against the driver’s insurance and the companies uninsured motorists insurance if they have it on the vehicle.
  • Does your employer have to pay your hourly rate if you left because you were injured on the job and needed to seek medical attention?

Answer: Not necessarily but you might be compensated for lost wages in a worker’s compensation claim.

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