Mel Taylor

Mega Million Jackpot AND Powerball... Combined $1 Billion
More changes to the ULTIMATE I-4 Project @ Colonial in Downtown
Melbourne driver uninjured after plywood slices through windshield
Some Idiot Climbs a $200,000 Sculpture, Until It Snaps
Pet Sematary Remake - First Trailer!!!!
Mean Tweets! Gwen Stefani, Nickelback & Korn... And More!
New Papa Roach Song- "Who Do You Trust?"
BEST DAD EVER! Built the Kiddos a Haunted Mansion Ride in the Garage!!
Cheerleader Tries to Bribe Kids For Homecoming Queen With Pot Brownies
Foo Fighters Teasing Something Involving Nirvana For Cal Jam 18
Beware of this PHONE SCAM!!
Dunkin Beer! Let's Do It!


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