Find the Questionable Piece of Advice in This 1977 Halloween Safety Video

We'll provide the time markers in case you want to cut to the chase...

We found a Halloween safety video from 1977 that has some obvious safety tips, a few tips that kids will probably ignore, and one VERY questionable piece of advice. Let's see if you can pick out the questionable one. 

1. Have a big dinner so you don't eat all the candy. (Kids will ignore.)

2. Eyeholes in your mask should be big enough to see traffic, and things you might trip over. (Obvious.)

3. Costumes should be made with flame-retardant materials. (Obvious.)

4. Carry a flashlight. (Nice try, but kids will ignore.)

5. Don't trick-or-treat alone. (Obvious.)

6. Write your name, address, and phone number on your candy bag in case there's an accident. (Ding, ding, ding. Questionable. Your kid's address could fall into the wrong hands. If there's an accident, getting the candy back will be the least of your concerns.)

7. Check all treats for foreign objects. (Obvious, but some candy WILL be wolfed-down seconds after being dropped into the bag.)

8. Don't go inside a stranger's house. (Obvious, and certainly worth repeating.)

The costume advice starts at 0:41 . . . the questionable name and address tip is 4:18 . . . and the flame retardant materials is at 5:54. Eat a big dinner comes at 6:26 . . . and the flashlight advice is at 6:59.)