Florida Man Downs 33 Beers, Tries To Fight Cops In Strip Club Parking Lot

Bonus: His fiancée was there to apply a back rub

It's quite a night when you go through an entire 30-pack of beer all by yourself . . . and still want more.

Last week, the cops in Port St. Lucie got a call from a strip club about a guy passed out in the parking lot.

When they got there, they found a 48-year-old guy named Michael Monahan face down and his fiancée rubbing his back.

They heard her say to Michael, quote, "Be calm, please don't fight them." And there's really only one way a drunk guy will ever respond to someone saying that . . . he hopped up and challenged the cops to a fight.

They calmed him down and arrested him. And when they asked if he'd been drinking, he said he put down 33 BEERS. That's more than three GALLONS.

He was charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest.


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