Parents Who Hogtied Instagram Predator May Face Charges

"We f***ing tackled him and zip strapped him and called the police."


A couple in Canada may face charges after they took the law into their own hands and hogtied an alleged sexual predator. Police say the couple lured the 28-year-old to their home after they found explicit messages he sent to their 13-year-old daughter on Instagram. 

When he showed up, the couple was waiting and "tackled him and zap strapped him and called the police." They broadcast the encounter of Facebook LIVE. 

"He wanted to be her first," says the person videotaping the incident, which was broadcast on Facebook Live. "We f***ing tackled him and zap strapped him and called the police."

When the police arrived, the woman announced to the camera that she was being taken into custody.

"I'm arrested because we caught a predator the police refused to catch."

The woman told CTV that they had told police about the man over a month ago but they did nothing. 

"They wouldn't even look at my phone. They just said to block him and forget it," she claimed. "I've been waiting for six weeks for the police to give me a name behind the Instagram account."

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police disputed her claims. They said they had an active investigation into the individual and had specifically told the woman not to intervene. 

"The police had directed her not to take matters into her own hands, that we were investigating it," an RCMP spokesman told CTV. "She was directed not to make the meet happen."

The family is now facing potential charges of assault and unlawful restraint.

The father told the San Francisco Chronicle that the charges are "ridiculous.

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