Amazon Has Opened Their First 'Store Of The Future'

Originally scheduled to open in early 2017, 'Amazon Go' is now open in Seattle

The first 'Amazon Go' automated grocery store opened in Seattle on Monday.  There are no cashiers, hell, there's no cash registers.  Everything you select from the shelves is automatically added to your 'virtual cart' that ties into your Amazon account.  Once you pass the bar code reading sensors and cameras at the exit, the items are then billed to your account.  Shoplifting is thought to no longer be a problem as you must have a valid account to even enter the store.  The big concern here is of course that this type of set up is a job-killer.  While the store DOES still have employees, it just does not have or need the number that you would find in a typical grocery store.

I have to tell you, I'm not sure on how I feel about this.  While I LOVE the 'no lines at checkout' aspect, I can't help but think there's probably going to be a large number of 'bugs' to work out to get this thing running flawlessly.  I guess time will tell...

How about you, what is your take on the new AMAZON GO store?  Please feel free to click the comments tab at the bottom to sound off.    ---Lyncher

Take a tour of the Amazon Go store:

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