Law and Disorder | 2/5/20

Law & Disorder on February 5, 2020

Here is the link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

1.Question: I went to pain management for five years. I decided that I get a medical marijuana card instead of taking pills. I had my job for about 9 years. I was unaware that there were no laws to protect me if I got hurt at work. I filed a Workers Comp claim which was denied and now I don’t have a job. I am wondering how much trouble I may get into if I get another job or is there anything I can do?

Answer: Please contact us at and we can refer you to a few great Workers Comp attorneys who can point you in the right direction.

2.Question: Is it true that if you’re in a car accident and you’re suing the insurance company, and if you don’t have surgery or back pain, you’ll only get about $10,000? Or is it possible the lawyer was not very good and could have gotten me a lot more because I do have back pain, but I did not need surgery.

Answer: What might have happened is you only had $10,000 of insurance and if you didn’t have uninsured motorist coverage then that’s normally the amount they can offer.

3.Question: I injured my leg by slipping on a wet public boat deck and I am going to need surgery. There were no caution signs. Do I have a case against the county?

Answer: We would need additional information, but it does appear that you might have a premises liability case.

4.Question: I was hired by a company after a successful background check then fired four days later because of my background check. They said the company’s policy is to go back 7 years. I had a felony 19 years ago. Is there anything I can do?

Answer: Not really. In a situation like this, they are usually allowed to do backgrounds checks and not hire you for various reasons as long as it is not based upon race, religion, and things of that nature.

5.Question: I was in a single vehicle motorcycle accident about 2 years ago. The bike was totaled and after the accident I got a recall notice about the brakes being potentially bad. I was told by another company that I had to wait for a class action lawsuit. I still haven’t heard about one. What can I do?

Answer: You may need to prove that the accident was caused because of the brake problem.

6.Question: Who does my son need to talk to about visitation rights with his son? He hasn’t seen him since he was born. His son is turning 16 years old.

Answer: He might be ordered to pay back child support for the last 16 years. He also may want to consider waiting 2 more years until his son turns 18 years old.

7.Question: Is my wife’s boss allowed to force all employees to turn over their cell phones while they work and keep them in the front office which is not locked or secured? She will also not allow them to leave their cell phones in their cars outside the building. Her boss mandates that they bring the cell phones inside and turn them in.

Answer: Yes, she can do that. However, she is responsible should the phones get damaged or stolen. Also, if someone steals the employee’s identity or if your child gets hurt because of this policy.

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