Law and Disorder | 2/12/20

Law & Disorder on February 12, 2020

Here is the link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

1.Question: What are the laws for a dog that is not over 35 lbs. riding with you on a motorcycle?

Answer: It is dangerous, and you might be ticketed for careless or reckless driving.

2.Question: Three years ago, I settled with my insurance through an attorney for $100,000 for injuries from a car accident that we were not at fault for. I am still having medical treatments and may need another surgery. Do I have any more legal options?

Answer: Once the settlement is signed, the negotiations are normally over. This is why getting Uninsured Motorist coverage is so beneficial.

3.Question: Do I have any legal recourse for a sub-contractor who was placed on a permit by a general contractor without permission?

Answer: In this situation unless it is specified in the contract, there is not much that you can do. If there happens to be a problem however, it might revert to the original contractor.

4.Question: A car in front of me pulled out while I was on my motorcycle. I laid down my bike to avoid hitting her. Now her insurance company is telling me my injuries are partly my fault. Why is that?

Answer: Florida is what they call a comparative negligence state which means that they can say both parties were partially responsible. You should contact an attorney to help you with this.

5.Question: What can you do if you hire an attorney for a very simple probate, paid in full and he still has not filed the probate? It’s been over 8 months and the attorney will not answer my emails or calls.

Answer: It might not be too long. The real problem is the attorney not returning your calls or emails. Contact the attorney 2-3 more times and if nothing happens, contact then you should contact the Florida bar.

6.Question: A tree fell on my wife’s car during high windstorm. We were out for dinner. Is the plaza owner responsible?

Answer: It depends if they were negligent such as putting up a new tree and not securing it properly. You can contact your own insurance company to see if there’s anything that can be done, but sometimes the insurance companies consider it an act of God.

7.Question: I am not able to come and go as I please because my boss/landlord has a 12-foot-tall steel fence and won’t give me a key to the gate. Is there anything legally I can do? I pay rent and all and basically feel like a prisoner.

Answer: Should you get hurt and you’re not able get out to get help for example, that could be a problem. If the situation does not get better, it might be best to consider other living arrangements.

8.Question: Is there any legal action I can take against my local post office for continually not delivering bills and W2’s?

Answer: It will be very costly and difficult to sue the government. You probably need to show significant damages when filing a suit.

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