Law and Disorder | 11/6/19

Law & Disorder on November 6, 2019

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1.Question: I was a passenger in my car with my friend when he rear ended somebody. I am in a lot of pain, but I am hesitant to sue my friend. What is your advice?

Answer: It’s the insurance company that is going to provide you with the medical and other financial compensation, not your friend.

2.Question: My ex-girlfriend gave me herpes. Do I have any legal recourse? If so, what is an STD worth these days?

Answer: You may be able to file a civil complaint against someone and possibly criminal charges depending on the facts.

3.Question: If I owe back child support which I am still paying and I inherit my mother’s house, can they take the house from me in leu of what I still owe?

Answer: It is rare that the courts will go after assets, until someone files an action against you.

4.Question: I’ve been trying to handle my accident myself, but I am not getting much response from the insurance company. Should I just hire an attorney at this point?

Answer: You should always hire an attorney when you get into an accident. You’re taking a big risk in trying to handle it yourself and they very rarely give you a fair value on your own.

5.Question: I have a VA loan and my wife is not on the mortgage or the deed. If we get divorced, is she entitled to anything or any part of the house?

Answer: Yes. The divorce courts will review and make decisions on how to divide your assets, personal possessions, and things of that nature.

6.Question: If I have had previous back injuries L5 spinal fusion to be exact and I get into another car accident and further back injuries; am I able to sue for damages and medical bills?

Answer: Yes, you probably can.

7.Question: My wife slipped on a mopped floor at work. She was on the clock when she slipped, and the floor was not marked as being wet. The supervisor witnessed it and she missed 5 weeks of work. Workers Comp denied her due to lack of proof and asked her to pay back the missed time. Do we have a case?

Answer: You need to contact an attorney it sounds like you do have a case.

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