Law and Disorder | 10/23/19

Law & Disorder on October 23, 2019

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1.Question: I got my first DUI and I was approved for Pretrial Diversion program. I am in Orange county and unfortunately, I missed my appointment for signing the contract on Monday. I can’t get a hold of my lawyer to see if I can reschedule. Is there anything I can do?

Answer: Contact someone at the Pretrial Diversion department and explain your reasoning for missing the appointment and they might be able to reschedule the appointment.

2.Question: I have legal documents saying that I live where I do. But it’s with my girlfriends’ mom who threatens to kick me out all the time. Can she?

Answer: If you are not on the lease, they can evict you. If you are on the lease, it depends on the type of lease. If it’s a 30-day lease, yearly, etc.

3.Question: I was in a car accident where the woman changed lanes into me. She did not have her own insurance but was borrowing her friends’ car. Can I go after the owner of the car insurance company even if they were not in the car?

Answer: If the driver has insurance on another vehicle, you might be able to go after both insurance companies.

4.Question: My friends’ brother is in jail for domestic against his sister. She wants the judge to release him with time served at the next hearing. Does the victim have the right to speak at the hearing?

Answer: They will take the victims opinion into consideration but ultimately it will be up to the judge.

5.Question: Can my unborn child take my last name instead of my fiancé’s?

Answer: Yes, it happens all the time.

6.Question: I was using a GPS tracker in my boyfriends’ car to track him going to massage parlors and cheating illegal.

Answer: It is a privacy issue and might be considered stalking and harassment.

7.Question: I fell at an airport and the airline won’t talk to me. The airport stopped taking my calls after I told them what happened. Is it time to hire a lawyer and do I have to hire one there or can I hire someone here?

Answer: You would need to obtain a lawyer that is licensed in the state the incident occurred.

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