5 Ways to Be a Better Adult This Year

Five ways you can be a better adult in 2024, if you want to:

  1. Purge a subscription or two. Figure out what services you're subscribing to and cancel any you aren't using.
  2. Do a friend overview. Maintaining friendships as adults take work. You don't get to meet up daily at recess, instead you have to make an effort to keep in touch. Make a list of your friends and plan time to do it. Regularly.
  3. Learn a new household skill. If there's something on the domestic front you can't do on your own, this is the time to learn. All the knowledge you need is right there on the internet. Learn to cook or change a tire. Whatever it is, you'll feel better knowing you can do it on your own.
  4. Take care of your mental health. If rock stars like Corey Taylor, M. Shadows, and Bruce Springsteen can talk openly about mental health and take care of theirs without shame or embarrassment, so can you. Even if it just means talking a short daily walk, doing a guided meditation, or taking 15 minutes to talk to a friend.
  5. Decide what really matters to you. There's only so much time in every day, and we have to prioritize. What's an accomplishment or change you'd like to be able to look back on in 2025? Once you know what that is, come back to the present and figure out how to make it happen.

Source: CNN