Flea Explains Why He Doesn't Like Taking Pictures With Fans

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Photo: Getty Images North America

If you ever get the opportunity to meet Flea, do not ask him to take a picture. The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist explained why he doesn't like taking photos with fans after one graciously thanked him and singer Anthony Kiedis on Twitter for talking to him and his friends at a recent show.

“Thank you (and AK) for being so kind and genuine while meeting us,” the fan wrote. “You both are such rays of sunshine; you didn’t have to stop and chat but you did and I hope you know that you really impacted our lives. we love you and AK with all of our hearts!”

The comment led to another Twitter user pointing out how rare it is for Kiedis to stop and chat with fans. “Wow, that makes the meeting with him and Flea way more special,” he responded. “Perhaps he just felt comfortable in that moment; none of my friends nor I asked for a photo or autograph or anything – we just talked, so maybe that had to do with his interaction with us.”

Flea then chimed in, writing: “It’s because you all generated a kind and gentle light, and you didn’t ask for a picture. We are always down to talk and chat; asking for a photo ruins it instantly.”

When a fan then asked Flea what was wrong with asking for a photo, he said: "There’s is nothing wrong with it. But it ruins having actual conversation. It is a transaction"

RHCP are currently on tour in North America and recently revealed they're releasing their second double album of 2022, Return of the Dream Canteen, on October 14.

See Flea's Twitter interaction below.