An Arizona driver is lucky to be alive after a giant saguaro cactus pierced his windshield. Police say that 39-year-old Kai Scott crossed over the median on the busy road and collided with giant cactus, which punctured the windshield of his car. Scott suffered only minor injuries in the crash.

A photo taken at the scene shows a broken section of the cactus lodged in the middle of his shattered windshield.

When authorities arrived at the scene of the accident, they determined thatScott was impaired at the timeand he was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence and for criminal damage.

Claudia Figueroa, who owns a company that maintains and removes cacti,toldFox10that she could not believe Scott survived the crash.

"I saw the picture. That was so bad," said Figueroa. "I have never seen something like that before, but that can kill the person that was driving, and yea, they don't have to be too big to cause a lot of damage. That one right there, it could be one ton or 1,000 pounds."