E-Cigarette Explodes in Teen's Mouth, Breaks Jaw & Blows Out Teeth

Looking at the photos you think that this 17-year old was in a terrible car crash. His jaw was shattered and several of his teeth were blown out of his head. But it wasn't an accident on the road that caused his damage, it was his vape pen that exploded in his mouth.

The kid's mom bought him the vape pen in hopes to ease his tobacco addiction. But after the pen exploded in his mouth in 2018, surgeons had to sew his gumline together, put plates in his jaw and give him braces to keep what teeth he still had in his head in place.

Guess mom's hopes to ease her kid's tobacco habit worked cause he hasn't smoked at all since. The FDA used his story to announce that new safety guidelines for e-cigarettes are coming soon.