Law and Disorder | 1/15/20

Law & Disorder on January 15, 2020

Here is the link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

1.Question: Can I get in trouble for having a train horn on my vehicle?

Answer:Florida has a rule concerning the decibel levels of horns and train horns normally exceed that decibel.

2.Question: Can I go after a car company for false gas mileage?

Answer: The courts rarely go after companies regarding gas mileage. However, if it as an substantial amount you might want to contact the Small Claims court.

3.Question: My landlord wants to sell the house, but we have a lease until September. We were just given a 60-day notice to leave the house. Is this legal and what are our options?

Answer: If your lease has a specific date and there are no exceptions in the lease, then they must abide by the lease.

4.Question: I drive for work and another car hit me. Can I still go after the driver who hit me, even though I am getting Workers Comp?

Answer: You can but you will have to reimburse the amount Workers Comp. already paid.

5.Question: I am going to be in a custody battle with my ex. Does Florida favor the mother over the father?

Answer: The courts are not supposed to base their decision on gender.

6.Question: Can my boss fire me for no reason or does he have to have a reason?

Answer: Florida is a right to work state which means they can fire you without a reason. Unless it is in a protective class like race, gender, religion and things of that nature.

7.Question: My mom passed away last year. Do I need to file taxes for her?

Answer: Technically, this is an estate issue. If she didn’t have assets and so forth, it might not be worth it.

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