Law and Disorder | 4/18/2018

WJRR Law and Disorder on April 18th, 2018

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  • I got hurt working for my boss on Saturday when he told me he would pay me cash. Now I cannot get a hold of him, but I have a text of the set up to work for him. Do I have a case for him to pay for the injuries?
  • First, you need to file a worker’s comp claim and if that is not applicable a regular personal injury attorney can probably help you out.
  • A person filed for worker’s comp. After they came back from the worker’s comp. procedure, the employer made everyone sign a paper stating they would not file for workers’ comp. They were not allowed to work until they signed the form. Is this legal and why would the employer entertain this?
  • You normally cannot be forced to sign a document giving up your right to sue your employer.
  • I worked as a contractor and filled out a 1099 form. The contractor was made to fill out a form where it was his own business. They worked 6 days a week and were not paid overtime, is this legal? In other words, what do you do when a contractor is doing a job that is normally salaried?
  • Overtime rules might apply depending on whether you were actually an independent contractor or just one to avoid paying overtime. For instance, how much control the employer had over you and what the type of work you were doing.
  • I am a gator trapper and I was served a 1080, is that right?
  • Not sure what a 1080 is. It sounds like a skateboard trick.
  • How soon after an auto accident should you contact a lawyer?
  • Immediately to protect your right, make sure you don’t say anything that could hurt your claim and to make sure you get treatment in the first 14 days by a doctor to make sure you don’t lose your PIP benefits.
  • Does an employer have to make security improvements after an armed robbery occurred in which an employee was injured during silent alarms?
  • It depends if they failed in their duty to protect you as an employee. If they are on notice that there may be a problem, they might be shown to have that duty and may be liable.

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