Law and Disorder | April 11th, 2018

WJRR Law and Disorder on April 11th, 2018

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  • A listener wanted to know what are your thoughts on Bitcoin?
  • It’s not really backed by a dependable entity like the FDIC or a financial institute.
  • A 6-year-old child fell off a bar stool on a cruise.  Broken elbow that needed surgery and may possibly have long-term damage. How liable is the cruise for his well-being?
  • It’s an admiralty case and you have to prove they were at fault for your child’s injury. Most personal injury cases and car accidents have the requirement of duty or responsibility for the injury.
  • A person is looking to buy their first investment property out of state, can he use the back and forth trips on his taxes?
  • It would be easier if you could expense it to a corporation or business but it is possible. You should probably talk to you tax advisor though.
  • A person has worked at a fast food restaurant for two months and still has not received a paycheck. Is there anything they can do?  What may be the reasons for a national chain to have this happen?
  • They are absolutely in the wrong and have a duty to pay. He has performed his part of the employment agreement and they should be held responsible.
  • Can my auto insurance raise my rates in the middle of my policy?  I had no claims or tickets since it began.
  • You need to reed your policy to make sure if it’s a fixed rate or if they can change it.
  • I was told by a judge in a DUI case that I had 120 days to complete DUI level 2. What happens if I don’t complete before then?
  • You need to follow the judge’s instructions or you could be held in contempt which could get you put in jail.
  • My wife is a co-buyer on a car with her daughter. The daughter is in jail for suspended license and the wife is continuing to make payments on the vehicle. Can they keep the daughter from the car when she gets out of jail?
  • If you both have rights in the vehicle other than selling it you are in your rights to possess it.
  • If I witness a police officer breaking the law in a squad car, who do I report this to?
  • You report it to the police.

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