Hurricane Irma Drinking Game - have fun but drink responsibly!

The Official Hurricane Drinking Game: Hurricane Irma Edition

Bryan Dickey

Hurricane Irma is quickly approaching the Sunshine State and Floridians are preparing to hunker down for the next few days. As true Floridians know, hurricanes are just another reason to have a party as we wait for the storm to pass. After you finish all the necessary preparations such as throwing your lawn furniture in the pool, and securing the plastic flamingos in the front yard, the hurricane fun begins.

With the windows boarded up and the coolers stocked with beer, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the show. To help pass the time we have put together a fun drinking game for us Floridians, The Official Hurricane Irma Drinking Game.

Start off the game by taking one shot of Bacardi Hurricane for the respective hurricane category number.

Hurricane Irma = Category 4 = 4 shots

1. One sip of beer every time you see lightning or hear thunder

2. One shot every time the lights flicker

3. Chug a beer every time a car alarm goes off

4. Two shots every time a Northern relative calls and asks about the hurricane

5. One sip of beer every time you hear the word “flood”

6. One shot for every inch of rain that’s recorded each hour

7. One shot every time someone says “so much for being the Sunshine State”

8. Chug a beer every time they change the storms trajectory

9. One sip of beer every time you hear “feeder bands” or “hunker down”

10. One shot every time a news reporter interviews someone on the beach

11. Play a game of “Thunder” to the AC/DC song once an hour on the hour

12. Chug the remainder of your booze when the power goes out

Helpful hint: Make sure you save some of that emergency water for the next day’s hangover

Stay safe, Floridians!


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