7 arrested in Southwest Florida for looting following Hurricane Ian

Police patrol lights on car roof

Photo: Getty Images

Lee County, FL - Police have arrested 7 people for looting in Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Springs in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Deputies say five people were arrested at Fifth St. Matanzas bridge in Fort Myers Beach on Thursday after the owner of a business saw a man carrying items from her store.

Deputies arrested Omar Mejia, 33, who was found in possession of 10 alcoholic beverage containers belonging to the “Nervous Nellies."

The estimated value for each container is fifty dollars. Mejia was then charged with burglary and petit theft.

Police also arrested Brandon Araya, 21, Valerie Salcedo Mena, 26, Robert Salcedo Mena, 13 and Steve Sanchez Araya, 20, after the four were seen walking from a business with several bottles of alcohol, totaling $850.00 in stolen merchandise.

All four were charged with burglary and grand theft.

On Sunday, deputies arrested Alexandro Chen Juc and Donilson Chen Jun in Bonita Springs after officers responded to reports of two men inside an unoccupied home.

The two were charged with burglary and grand theft.