Man blows up customer's mailbox over landscaping payment dispute

Merritt Island, FL - A man is accused of blowing up the mailbox of a customer over a dispute regarding landscaping payments.

29-year-old Petr Dusek is facing charges of discharging a destructive device, possession to destruct a device to cause bodily harm, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

According to deputies, Dusek showed up to a customer’s home in Merritt Island on Thursday to pick up payment for landscaping services from the previous owner of the residence. 

The owner of the home told Dusek to come to the house Friday before 2 p.m. because he would not be home until late. 

Dusek talked to the owner’s mother, who reiterated her son was not home.

Witnesses say Dusek got into his SUV, drove down the road, put something in the mailbox and it exploded.

Deputies say the explosion bent a street sign next to the mailbox and threw shrapnel 50 feet from the detonation site.

Dusek was already listed as a violent felony offender of special concern who was on parole for a previous sentence.