The List: Workforce Edition 8/20/18

It's back with a Workforce twist.....The List. 

Each weekday at 8:00 AM we will post 5 names from the WJRR Workforce contest. The first of those 5 names to claim each day will win the daily prize. If no one claims, the prize rolls over until it is claimed. 

[GO HERE] to join the WJRR Workforce to get yourself in the running.

Today's prize: A pair of tickets To Nonpoint At House Of Blues On August 24th, A Pair Of Tickets To See Crazy Rich Asians while it's in theaters and $25 Wendy's Gift Card.Everyone on the Workforce this week is in the running for a $200 Twin Peaks gift card!

Workforce List for 8/20/18

  • Leigh Walker from Embry Riddle in Daytona Beach
  • Alison Presley from Massey Services
  • Sara Huberty from WellDyneRx in Lakeland
  • Benjamin Caputo from Earnest Products
  • Codey Conway from the Orange County Sheriff's Office

The first person on the list to email to claim the prize wins.

*The cutoff to claim will be 5:00 PM each day of the list. 

To be in the running, you just have to enter the WJRR Workforce contest. 

If you have not entered, CLICK HERE, enter.

Forget your Club 101one password? GO HERE to reset it.

The List


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