Ron Rice: Founder of Hawaiian Tropic and Havana Sun


About Ron Rice:

Ron Rice started the Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care line in a garbage can in his garage in 1969 after he had gone to Hawaii and saw the women

on the beach using homemade suntanning formulas with coconut and avocado oils.

After achieving decades of success, raising Hawaiian Tropic to number 2 in worldwide sales, he sold the company in 2007.

Inspired by the re-opening of Cuba and the people there, Rice started a new sun care product – Havana Sun. Using what he learned from the

success of Hawaiian Tropic, he and his team dove right in and launched the product in the spring of 2016.

Joining Ron Rice for the interview as well is Matt DiFebo who is the CEO of Havana Sun.

About Havana Sun:

Cuba has long been an island nation of mystery and intrigue.

With it’s rich lush tropical flora fruit and nut extracts, we are able to formulate a superior quality suncare cosmetic for all skin types.

Havana Sun’s exotic blend of time-tested island ingredients makes it the finest in existence for protection from the sun.