Man Trapped in Port-a-potty in Gettysburg National Park!

photo: via facebook

this has always been a bizarre nightmare of mine...being trapped in a porta-potty. actually i just got back from vacation, and on our way to joshua tree national park, we stopped at a place called "pioneer town" and my boyfriend thought it would be funny to tilt over the porta-potty i was occupying.... so i wasn't trapped. i can only imagine how scar this was for the man in Gettysburg National Military Park:

via NY Post:

A tree fell on an occupied portable toilet in Gettysburg National Military Park on Friday, trapping a man who was using the john at the historic Civil War battlefield, authorities said. 

Rescuers who responded to the south-central Pennsylvania park had to saw part of the tree and cut open the porta-potty to free the man, a local fire official told the York Daily Record.

“He was very lucky,” Barlow Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief Joe Robinson told the newspaper. 
“It was a large tree, and it just missed striking him. It could have been very serious,” said Robinson. 

The man was taken to Gettysburg Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.