The Head And The Heart Teasing Something!

photo: getty

The Head And The Heart.... ahhhhh.... excuse me while i bask in the memories of seeing them live, or just cruising down the highway blasting "shake" as i drive towards the sunset. they are a once in a lifetime band, and i feel so lucky that we've had so many amazing radio shows with them.

i recently got back from a soul satisfying trip to Laurel Canyon, a magical neighborhood in Los Angeles that was the nexus of the late 60's early 70's counterculture that birthed bands and musicians such as The Doors, Frank Zappa, The Mamas & The Paps, Joni Mitchell, CSNY and more. this is music that i grew up listening to, and it doesn't get any better than the sounds these people made.

during my trip, we visited the house where Grahm Nash (of Crosby Stills Nash and Young) wrote "Our House"... the house was Joni Mitchell's, and she was Nash's girlfriend at the time. visiting that house was extremely emotional and beautiful for me, so I wanted to share on my social media pages. low and behold, the head and the heart saw it and tweeted me saying "well then we have a gift for you in a couple weeks"......(you can check out the exchange below). what is coming from THATH? new music from Laurel Canyon? Some sort of tribute to the iconic legends of the canyon? Hmmm... maybe a cover? looks like we'll be getting something special from The Head And The Heart it in the next few weeks and i cannot wait <3