Being Late for Work Is One of the 10 Most Common Nightmares We Have

Seems as thou I am dreaming about missing a deadline. I also often have dreams of falling asleep at work while on the air... DEAD AIR NIGHTMARE! Or Even... just all the buttons working!


1. Dreams where you're falling. 65% of us have experienced that one.

2. Being chased, 63%.

3. Dying, 55%.

4. Feeling lost, 54%.

5  Feeling trapped, 52%.

6. Being attacked, 50%.

7. Missing an important event, 44%.

8. Waking up late for work, 43%.

9. Sex-related stuff, 40%.

10. A loved one dying, 36%.

Some of the jobs where you're most likely to dream about being late for work include: Teachers . . . construction workers . . . food service workers . . . people in retail . . . members of the military . . . and people in finance.

And here's a fun glimpse into OUR psyche: People who work in broadcasting and entertainment are more likely to dream about missing a deadline . . . and about being NAKED at work. 

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