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One YouTuber Is Suing Another Over a Crazy Accident Involving an Excavator

JEFF WITTEK is suing DAVID DOBRIK over a stunt that went incredibly wrong in Utah back in the summer of 2020. Dobrik got an excavator and drove it into a lake so he could swing people around by the bucket. So Wittek held onto a rope attached to the bucket, and Dobrik started spinning him around. But he realized he was going too fast, so he tried to slow down. But ironically, he did THAT too quickly, and Witten crashed into the boom of the excavator. Wittek says the accident resulted in lost wages and massive hospital bills. He's suing for more than $10 million. He didn't list his injuries in the lawsuit, but he previously said he broke his foot and hip, tore a ligament in his leg, shattered his skull in nine places, and almost lost an eye. And he claims he almost died.


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