Florida Woman Attacks Florida Man After He Tells Her She Drinks Too Much

"She chugged two beers and proceeded to Stone Cold Steve Austin My Ass"

There's a 26-year-old guy named Coty Lee Havens in Fort Pierce, Florida. And on Saturday afternoon, he got into an argument with a 23-year-old woman named Chastity Bodnar over her drinking too much. It's not clear what their relationship is.

Anyway, according to what Coty told the cops, Chastity got upset, chugged two beers, crushed the cans, and then proceeded to, quote, "'Stone Cold' Steve Austin my a**."

If you're not familiar, Stone Cold used to chug two beers at a time after wrestling matches, then toss the cans to the side.

It's not clear how Chastity attacked Coty. So we don't know if she used Stone Cold's signature move . . . a kick to the gut followed by a neckbreaker called the Stone Cold Stunner.

Anyway, she was arrested for misdemeanor battery. Coty also wound up getting arrested after he fought with the cops who came to clear things up. 


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