"Hey F*** Face, You're Invited To A Wedding"

The Vulgar Invite Has A Lot Folks Talking...

OK, let's be honest, we see, hear and read all sorts of crazy stuff that goes on with weddings these days. Most of those stories of late have involved insane demands made by 'bridezilla' types regarding arrangements on the 'special day'. Hell, there's multiple online forums devoted to 'bridezilla' stories. This situation is different in that it appears to be a coordinated and agreed upon effort by both the bride and groom to be. Many people are blasting the couple from Kent, England for the expletive-laden invites, but there's just as many who think this is hilarious. Some commenting that they 'wish they had thought of this' and will 'steal the idea'... Whatever your take, you can read more by: CLICKING HERE

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