Law and Disorder | 4/3/19

Law & Disorder on April 3, 2019

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1.Question: What is the statute of limitations for malpractice at a nursing home where the person died?

Answer: Malpractice is normally 2 years with amaximum of 4 years.

2.Question: My son was in an accident while delivering pizzas. The guy in the right-hand turning lane would not move. A couple of cars went around and when my son did, the driver decided to turn. He hit the back-passenger side of my sons’ vehicle. Will the insurance cover it and who is at fault?

Answer: The insurance will cover it. In Florida they have comparative negligence which means both parties might be held responsible.

3.Question: Is there common law in Florida if you ever lived or are involved with somebody?

Answer: Florida does not recognize unless it happened in another state that does have common law marriages.

4.Question: I have a friend that drives a shuttle. Recently her boss put a camera on the dash facing outward. Even more recently, the camera was replaced by a two-way camera. My friend feels uncomfortable that someone is watching her because the camera faces towards her only. Is this legal?

Answer: Yes, because she is aware of it. However, if there is audio being recorded and she is not aware of it, then she might have a suit.

5.Question: If you’re getting paid a base salary plus commission, is there a point where you would be compensated as an overtime?

Answer: Only if you are an hourly employee.

6.Question: How do I prove how long a liquid was on the floor at a big popular store, which I fell on?

Answer: If it happened for a short amount of time, the store cannot be held liable. If the spill was there much longer, there might be an issue. The surveillance cameras might be able to confirm spills should have been cleaned up in a timely manner.

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