Law and Disorder | 4/10/19

Law & Disorder on April 10, 2019

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1.Question: If you are a passenger in a vehicle, are you able to sue both insurance companies?

Answer: In Florida there is comparative negligence which means both parties can be responsible for certain amount of the damages. Yes, you might be able to sue both insurance companies.

2.Question: I am raising my 3-year-old granddaughter and want to know if I need to petition the court for custody, or can her mother just give me custody?

Answer: The mother cannot give you custody. To obtain legal custody, you must go through court system.

3.Question: I was hit in my company truck and my employer wants to charge me their deductible out of my paycheck.

Answer: If you’re not responsible for the accident, the employer cannot arbitrarily take your earned money out of your account. You can speak to your employer and if he values you, he will not pursue this action. If not, you might have a suit, but you might be at risk of losing your job.

4.Question: A pharmacy filled my wife’s insulin prescription with the wrong medicine. We caught it before she took it. It would have killed her. They blame the doctor and the doctor blames them. Do we have any recourse?

Answer: No, due to the error being caught before anything happened. You must prove damages in a lawsuit.

5.Question: A friend of mine had his car repossessed and the company that did it, damaged the vehicle while they were doing the repossession. Is there any recourse?

Answer: They are responsible. However, read your contract to see if you can still be held responsible if during repossession, they damage the vehicle.

6.Question: Can you get a speeding ticket thrown out if they horribly misspelled your last name?

Answer: In cases like this, all parties need to be identified. If the officer cannot identify you, there is a good chance that this could go your way.

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