Law and Disorder | 3/27/19

Law & Disorder on March 27, 2019

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1.Question: My daughter is an ICU nurse at a local hospital. She was put off work by physicians due to lupus and being pregnant. The facility fired my daughter one week after giving birth to her baby without notification. She continued communication through leave with her boss, union, HR and nobody informed her that she was fired or informed her that she was at risk of losing her job. Do you have any advice?

Answer: We would need more information to determine the direction to pursue. It does appear that she might want to contact an employment lawyer.

2.Question: I was hired for a new job. I had a false positive on the urine analysis due to medications I take for depression. I showed the HR director the manufacturers website, that clearly stated the drug would cause a false positive for PCP. I really wanted the job, but she said her hands were tied. Is this legal?

Answer: Yes. Florida is a right to work state and anyone could be fired for any reason. If you were denied the position based on race, religion, and things of this nature, then that might be illegal.

3.Question: I had a vehicle restored and when it was picked up things have not been fixed. Plus, the parts were taken off the vehicle and were never replaced. The owner did say I can bring the vehicle back. What should I do?

Answer: Give them the opportunity to fix it. Obtain a list of what they are going to do and how they are going to do it. Your contract will protect you should they fail to deliver.

4.Question: In October, the car parked in front of me caught fire and it spread to my car. Resulting it in being a total loss. The persons’ insurance just now said that they’re not liable and won’t be covering the damages nor the cost of a new vehicle. What should I do?

Answer: Although you might have to pay the deductible, your insurance should cover this. You might be able to pursue small claims court against the owner of the vehicle for reimbursement of your deductible.

5.Question: It’s not personal injury but can you sue someone over a defamation post that went viral on Facebook?

Answer: Yes, you can sue. However, depending on their lack of assets, properties, it might not be worth it.

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