Law & Disorder 2/28/18

Another fun morning with Pat and Taco. I had to remind them that most personal injury and accident cases require actual damages.

Here is a link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

1. Noor Salman prediction? Because Knowledge of the crime is not enough, but includes some kind of action in furtherance of the crime, I think she will prevail unless there is other evidence other than a text message. On the obstruction charge, unless the defense can prove the FBI did something nefarious I think her admission about lying in a past statement will be enough to convict her.

2. Do you think there will be lawsuits against the FBI / Broward county sheriff's department over the parkland shooting? I absolutely think some attorney will take this case.

3. Can you write a hand written will? You can but it may be easily challenged it’s better to have a typed on witnessed by two people and have it notarized by a third.

5. If my neighbor dog runs up to me and my dog aggressively…. and my dog hurts the other dog while I’m in my driveway will be liable? You have to show damages and that he did not do enough to protect that information.

6. A person I know has been giving out my number as their own for two years. What legal action can I take? Again you have to prove damages like you had to change your number and it cost you a certain amount.

7. I’m a registered voter but a convicted felon….what can I do to get back my rights? Have to go to the governor or hope the new change on the next ballot passes.

8. Can a server be held responsible for a dine and dash? No! It’s a disgusting practice.

After the show, I answered a couple of fun question and then had to head back to the office.


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