Law and Disorder 2/14/18

I got to the studio a little earlier to watch Pat and Taco killing it on Idiotology.

Here is a link to the show Law & Disorder if you didn’t get a chance to hear it.

  • 1. Wife was in the navy and they were looking to rent a home. When she got there it didn’t have the amenities and it also had mold. Can the rental owner be liable to help cover any of the costs since they didn’t move? Yes, but you need to read your lease. Habitability is a big factor in rental leases. Mold and appliances that don’t work definitely can affect whether the landlord breached your agreement

2. Manager sent a group text to their employees. One of the employees sent an inappropriate photo to another employee. Can the manage get in trouble for sending out everyone’s number in a group text? Normally, there has to be damages. In this case, you probably need to have needed some therapy or suffered major reputation damage.

3. Glass cut someone’s wrist and when the doctor was stitching him up they were on their phone. The next day they went to another doctor and they had to do surgery to fix the tendons. Is the first doctor liable for anything since they were on their phone? This big issue in medical malpractice is that you need another doctor to agree it was malpractice and the cause of you injuries.

4. What can I do about a security deposit that’s been in the mail for over two weeks? Wait and if it doesn’t come in the next week, contact them and if they don’t send out another you can file a small claims action.

5. Son broke leg at park with faulty turf. Will settlement make them fix there issues? Normally when someone is held liable for an issue like this they fix the problem if it’s financially feasible.

After the show, I had to fly back to the office and answer a bunch of more legal questions that were emailed to me from the show.


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