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Airline Passenger Suing After Flight Attendant Spilled Hot Coffee On Arm

This is such a hot topic for sure and has been grinding at me for some time now. When hot coffee spills on someone and they end up filing a lawsuit. The idea of coffee, unless it's an iced coffee, is that it's HOT. Why a to-go cup of coffee has to say "Caution Hot Coffee" is the result of lawsuits. Coffee=HOT.

This dude was on a recent AA flight and in the mood for a cup of hot coffee when a flight attendant accidentally spilled hot coffee on his arm. Hell yeah it probably hurt but it was an accident. He's now filed a lawsuit saying the airline was "negligent" after spilling by "scalding coffee" on his arm. His arm started blistering and even, wait for it, damaged his tattoo.

Thoughts? If you were at a bar and someone spilled a cold beer on your pants by accident, it was...an accident. Same thing with hot coffee right?