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Def Leppard Has Released Two Signature Gins

Def Leppard is in the spirits business and has come out of the gate swinging with two different types of gin. I love gin and up for a 3oz martini anytime with the likes of Green Hat (my favorite out of DC)Hendrick's, Plymouth, Ford's or Barr Hill to name a few. When a band releases a beer or some type of spirit, I am always wondering what they know about making it a great taste that is easy on the palette. Turn out Metallica has dialed in their Blackened Whisky with the right master distiller and looks like Def Leppard may have done the same!

Needless to say, they've got two types of gins that have been named after Def Leppard songs. "Animal" London Dry Gin and "Rocket" Premium Distilled Gin. "Animal" is classic London Dry Gin with the usual suspects of juniper, lemon, and botanicals. "Rocket" draws it's vibes "from the lavender labyrinths in Sheffield … to get an even more developed experience of botanical character," and dives deep on lavender and lemon flavors.

Both can be found at brandforfans.com (think KISS Gold GIn).