Army Golden Knights Parachute Team Causes US Capitol Evacuation

The Army Golden Knights parachute team are the best of the best. It is always incredible to watch their team at sporting event so imagine being at Nationals park in DC last night to see them parachute in to the stadium before the Nats hosted the Diamondbacks. As a fan everything went according to the plan. At the US Capitol, it was a completely different story as the airplane that carried the Golden Knights never asked for clearance to fly in that air space. Capitol police made the call to evacuate the US Capitol building as the plane posed a "probable threat." After they figured it out, all was cool again but not before causing a **** storm.

The Army Golden Knights never told anyone about their stunt at Nationals park, didn't get clearance AND never reported taking off and/or landing at a nearby airport. All of those things make it completely understandable that Capitol police decided to evacuate. It's is wild to me to think that something like this wouldn't ever follow the proper protocol.