Metalhead High School Principal Loves Iron Maiden, Parents Want Her Removed

I want to give props to Tommy, a long time Klinger Show listener who passed along this Iron Maiden story. You remember being in high school and having cool teachers? How about the street cred that Ontario high school principal, Sharon Burns, gets with her love for metal and Iron Maiden? It is her love for the rock horns that has parents wanting her to be removed from her job. Parents are super concerned over impressionable youth and how Iron Maiden integrates satanic symbols in their music and art. Burns loves Maiden and posts her love for the band on her socials.

Props to the students that have started a petition to keep Principal Burns on the job and making sure everyone knows she is all about kindness, love and relating to all students. Parents are parents and are certainly in the biz of making sure their kids are safe, headed in the right direction in life, being taught lessons and morals. However, before they attempt to get a school principal booted from her gig, perhaps they need to flash back to the music they were listening to as teenagers?