Man Steals Teen's Make America Great Again Hat

A Texas man was filmed stealing a 16-year-old's Make America Great Again hat and throwing a drink in the kid's face.

As usual, I am not taking political sides here. There's no winning in that world. I do take offense to this guy being a total douche.

If you don't like someone's political affiliation, engage them in a civil conversation. If you can't do that, just shake your head and move on with your life. Stealing a minor's hat, at a reported 30-years-old, and tossing a drink in his face is just being an ignorant bully.

Word is this guy was already doxxed online with all his personal information being released, so he's probably having a great time right now. There are also reports that he was arrested.

You can read more HERE and  HERE


The kid looks to weigh about 120 lbs. 


Backup video if youtube goes down. 


Image: Youtube



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