Officer Doused With Water By Idiots Blocking Road

An officer told them to have fun, but to please not block the road. They responded by dousing her with water.

I have no idea how these cops kept their cool. The female officer goes through the crowd as cool as can be. She's saying have fun, but please don't block the road. A normal person would react like "Hey that was cool. We can continue our large-scale water fight".

Not these idiots. Instead, they soak a fully uniformed officer, damaging her equipment and requiring her to change clothes.

The second officer goes through and is met with similar results. He totally kept his cool. Props to him for the Stone Sour playing when he got in his vehicle.

The event was referred to as East Side Water Wars: The Purge. Multiple passersby were unwillingly soaked, traffic was blocked and some vehicles were damaged.

I'm convinced this group wouldn't be satisfied until their "fun" was broken up by police. 


Photo: Youtube



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