SI Swimsuit Including Plus Size Model For 2018

After featuring Ashley Graham last year, SI looks to be doubling down on plus-sized models in their swimsuit issue

Yes, I understand this is going to be a hot button. I will tread lightly here. So, last year SI decided to include a plus-size model in the swimsuit issue with Ashley Graham. This year they look to be taking it a step further with Hunter McGrady.

There's a couple of ways this can be viewed. One is, hey they're featuring swimsuits so let's see how they look on real women. If they were selling swimsuits that would make sense. Thing is, they're not. Swimsuit issues have always been about seeing the models, hell half the time they don't even have a swimsuit on.

This is based simply on the model here. Do you like this trend? Do you think it's stupid? Are you a "GO GIRL"? Or a "PLEASE NO GIRL"?

Sorry, but I'm staying out of it. 


For reference, here's Ashley Graham from last year


Photo: Youtube



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